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Analog formats restoration and digitization service

As we know the value that old recordings and formats can have for each one, we started this service to help conserve and restore the sound memories that were from other times.

You can choose between just scanning or re-mastering to refresh and detail the analog audio again, which is often in a state of high degradation.

We accept the following formats

Analog tape, Cassette, Vinyl and DAT

After we finished the process, we created a Master CD that serves to store or produce copies.

Do you have any of these formats that you would like to keep?

Contact us, we will be happy to answer any related questions and we offer you our best offer for restoring the soundtrack of your life.

General price list:

Cassette 30/60

scanning to CD € 21.90

+ restoration, cleaning and re-mastering € 34.50

Cassette 90/120

scanning to CD € 24.90

+ restoration, cleaning and re-mastering  € 38.50



1/2 "Tape 3Zack and NAB Mono / Stereo Systems *

scan to CD -per minute-  € 3.00

+ restoration, cleaning and re-mastering -per minute- € 5.50

* speeds of 4.75 - 9.5 and 19cm / s



DAT Cassette

scanning to CD € 25.90

+ restoration, cleaning and remastering € 32.50



45 rpm vinyl

scanning to CD € 25.90

+ restoration, cleaning and remastering € 32.50

33rpm vinyl

scanning to CD € 29.90

+ restoration, cleaning and remastering € 37.50

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