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Sound is often a bigger problem than it needed to be.

Reverberation, resonances, noise and materials such as glass, bricks and concrete can destroy any experience of music, comprehensibility or comfort. Most of the time it is possible to improve the acoustics without major interventions in the interior using high-performance prefabricated acoustic panels with an aesthetic technical design that enhances any room or space. They are panels produced in Portugal with materials such as wood, foam and quality styrofoam designed to act efficiently and obtain positive results.

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As not all spaces are the same size and have different volumes or have a different architecture, several factors must be taken into account before the application of acoustic treatment can be started.

It is in this sense that we offer an acoustic design service to ensure the application of treatment in the most efficient areas of the room.

To obtain this information, predefined calculations are made and 3D models are created to create a virtual image of space.

Then real measurements are made on the spot to compare the response of the room before and after treatment as well as to help discover problem areas that the previous calculations did not reveal.

Grafico Primeiras Reflexões

Graph that reveals the areas of first reflections of the space

After we have obtained all the necessary information, we pass the stage of choosing the appropriate panels to solve all problem areas to guarantee the customer a defined and reliable listening.

At the same time, we try to harmonize the space according to the client's tastes and the client can choose the materials and colors from a vast catalog of acoustic panels.

After complete approval, we order the necessary panels and carry out the installation in the customer's space. Thus guaranteeing a professional and effective execution.

If you are interested in an evaluation of your space and the costs related to acoustic treatment do not hesitate to contact us.

Recording Room 3D

3D model

2D Design Acústico

Floor plan of a recording studio

Projectos elaborados para os nossos Clientes



Music Hub Control Room 2D
Saudi Studio Build.jp2
Music Hub Recording Room 2D
Music Hub Main Air View
Music Hub Control Room Air View
Music Hub Recording Room Air View
Music Hub Right Side Wall Rec. Room 3D
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