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Estúdio de gravação

In the initial phase of any project, the raw material must be detailed and of high quality to guarantee the perfect capture of the signal.

Otherwise, it will possibly affect the final quality of the entire project.

Because what is not captured will be difficult to replace.


Recording is a virtue, it requires a lot of attention and experience and many producers pay less attention to it in the expectation of using tools to correct it in post-production / mixing.

For us here in our facilities the recording is taken seriously and performed with great care for detail.

Before recording, we performed several tests of positioning the signal to be captured inside the room as well as the positioning of the microphone, thus looking for the most suitable place to obtain quality recordings.

A job that requires your time but that will help to reduce the mixing time. A perfect recording from the beginning needs little further processing and will have a more appealing sound.

We have microphones for all types of recording. We have at your disposal several preamps with different character (SSL, UA, SNOW) being able to choose the most suitable for the task. We record up to 24 channels simultaneously with an Apple digital system and the A / D conversion is performed by external MOTU HD192 converters with op-amps modified by BLAudio, thus obtaining an even more detailed performance at the crucial moment of digitization. Finally, everything is connected using high quality VOVOX and SOMMER CABLE cables and synchronized by a precision Mutec MC-3 Wordclock.

Our experience and passion at your service.

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