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Our studio is located in Baixo Alentejo in the small town of Corte Zorrinho, Municipality of Almodôvar, 8 km from exit 13 of the A2 motorway. Surrounded by nature with breathtaking views and landscapes where the Alentejo plain meets the Algarve mountains. Thus leading our customers to enjoy a calm and relaxing environment designed to dedicate time to creativity and music.

With a total area of approximately 120m², it offers enough space to accommodate all types of projects.
Our cozy recording room has been designed with a versatile acoustic treatment that ensures a detailed and high resolution recording. It was also important to create a modern space with natural light to offer a pleasant and well-being environment.

The Regie has been acoustically designed to perform linear and reliable listening as well as providing a calm and timeless environment that allows you to work without fatigue over many hours.
With an analog periphery that allows you to color and enhance any type of audio, our regie is predestined to advance your projects to a higher quality level.
Complementing with high precision apple digital processing including HD converters with possible resolutions up to 192kHz and a predefined DAW to provide an efficient workflow.

For breaks or for the minutes and hours you sometimes have to wait, we have our Lab Lounge with everything you need to help pass the time, table soccer and wifi included.


  • 24-bit HD recordings in high resolution up to 192kHz

  • Versatile recording room

  • Wide collection of microphones

  • Variety of preamplifiers

  • Analog & digital mixing

  • Regie with analog periphery

  • Analog Mixer

  • Active & passive speakers

  • Large collection of plug-ins

  • Attended & Online Mixing

  • Analog & digital mastering

  • DDP, PCM, CD-R, AAC or mp3

  • Streaming compliant

  • ISRC, Metadata, CD-Text

  • Single, Album & Stem Mastering

  • Attended & Online Mastering



Bear-G Men Down.png
Big Bear - Men Down

Tiago Policarpo is a talented Singer and Composer who decided to invest in his first record and it was up to us to carry out his ideas and contribute creatively to create a beautiful and timeless theme.

Thank you for your preference.

Production, Arrangments, Recording, Vocal Production, Editing, Mixing & Mastering @ Supreme Audio Labs


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Estrada Municipal N° 14a

Corte Zorrinho

7700-204 Almodôvar


Tel: +351 969 830 500

Open 7 days a week:

Monday - Friday - 9 - 20 hours

Saturday - 10 - 19 hours

Sunday - 14 - 19 hours

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